Mike Bernsten

I write for the dating advice website, Dating Expression as well as writing for others as a freelancer.

Dating Expression gives good and realistic dating advice and also covers interracial dating by giving Filipina dating tips. Love tips for men and women, tips on body language and even Filipina love phrases is presented to you for your learning and enjoyment. Meeting and successfully forming a relationship can be stressful when the other person is from a different country. Best get prepared and learn what you can about her and the culture before you blow it.

I am also designing eBook covers for authors who need them.

I have a long history with artsy stuff and am rather talented. So, I am now designing eBook covers, cd covers we banners and web graphics. I can even perform some photo editing for you. Send me a message and I will get in touch. Rates are reasonable and I will work with you.

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