Onofre Poonin

Onofre Poonin (Eufrain) was born in the City of Seven Lakes, Philippines to Filipino parents, grew up in Manila and Laguna, and returned to Quezon province to settle down in 1974. For fifteen years he worked with the U.S. Embassy as Consular Investigator of the Anti-Fraud Unit and became recipient of two Meritorious Honor Awards, one Special Achievement Award, one Adopted Suggestion Award and a Longevity Award for ten years of service. He is a university graduate of Criminology and Law Enforcement, and a Private Investigator alumnus of Penn Foster School, Pennsylvania. 
The message by which this book intends to fill is bespoken by its full title. It describes both grace and rage and how the author managed to get back on his feet. The novel takes on a journey of investigation and an avowed loyalty of one of the Consular Investigators of the U.S. Embassy of two and half decades.

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