P.s.w. Gear

At the age of 9 I wrestled imaginary foes in the local swimming pool. At the age of 12 I was convinced I was the only real person left on earth. At the age of 17 I dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. I then became way too normal for way too long. At the age of 25 I ran away from grad school to Baltimore, MD to become a party-planning deviant. At the age of 31 I ran away from Baltimore, MD with my fiancé to become a writer.

With that, I've begun my writing career. While I have a million ideas and thousands of characters I want to write about, there is one arching premise, conceit I want to convey through my writing. We are all so desperately in need of kindness and community. The world is filled with too many assholes. Here's to the defeat of the assholes.

Hope you enjoy,

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