Pamela Eglinski

I write novels and short fiction.  Please see web site for examples. First novel due on Kindle: April 2012. name:  Return of the French Blue. Second novel: October 2012. name:  She Rides with Chinggis Khaan. Small anthology due February 2012.  name:  Mother's Red Fingernail Polish.  Description of She Rides ...."Indiana Jones found the Lost Ark, Rogert Langdon solved the da Vince Code.  Now, Catalina Syrah and Nicholas Bonhomme, American and French spies, traverse the ancient Silk Road in search of the lost Buddha Jewel.  Treasured documents and secret histories guide them deep into the heart of Mongolia where they seek the burial site of Chinggis Khaan -- one time ruler of the known world and presumed guardian of the wish-fulfilling Jewel.

Book(s) By Pamela Eglinski

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