Patricia Garlitz

I have held a management position in the hospitality industry for the last eleven years and to some degree,  I attribute my writing ability to convey a thought ,my edge.   Through it, I am empowered to communication with people far beyond my touch.  The hospitality field, has blessed me with an endless array of characters and believe me, if given the opportunity everyone has a story to tell rich in details, covering everything from family life to foreign travel.

Thinking back I recall how letters excited me, because I knew they would connect together to create words and words made books, like the ones may parents and grandparents read to me.  Besides I’m terrible at drawing.  

Personally I find writing to be my refuge from everyday life.  Sometimes  I merely  take  a character and build them a world … its like playing God, but other characters have a drive of their own, and its a matter of tuning in to hear what they have to say.  When this occurs, I found writing more like reading because I can’t wait to get to the computer to find out what comes next.  


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