Patricia Lacoss-Arnold

Patty was introduced to traditional foods in 2006. Broth was one of the first foods that she attempted to make and it quickly became a regular part of her family's diet. When she began GAPS ™ for her whole family in 2009 her broth making went to a whole new level. Patty's family of four consumes approximately 2 quarts of broth every day. She has tried many different ways to make and consume broth and shares them with you in this book. Patty has been blogging at since November of 2011. She began blogging as a way of sharing her family's healing journey. She continues to share recipes and information that she has learned while she pursues health and healing for her family. Patty is not a health care professional. She simply has a passion for making information that she has learned easy to understand so that others can benefit from her experiences. You should, of course, consult with your own heath care professional before making any changes in your diet or health practices.

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