PD Allen

PD Allen lives in a cabin in a remote section of the PorcupineMountains in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. His cabin is equipped with a hand pump to draw water. Electricity is provided by a bicycle hooked to a small generator.

He spends his days hunting, fishing and foraging. He travels around the UP a great deal, gathering folklore and exploring various mysteries. He also practices shamanism, and can sometimes be seen traveling through the wilderness, flying from treetop to treetop under the influence of Amanita Muscaria. Occasionally he assumes the form of a large red fox.

On clear nights when there is a full moon, locals say you can hear him playing his fiddle high up on the mountaintops. The Indians say he plays for the little Manitou, which come out to dance and caper.

At least once per week, he travels twenty-five miles on foot to the nearest cybercafé. There he updates his blog — PD Allen: Stories, Rants, & Raves.

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