Pretty Ugly


A Brand Called U is an international public relations firm. We have created this profile to assist in the promotion of our client Barbara Barnes book entitled “Pretty Ugly – How Low Self-Esteem Almost Ruined My Life”.

Barbara Barnes is the author of her first book: “Pretty Ugly – How Low Self-Esteem Almost Ruined My Life” and is the CEO and founder of EYES Evolution, a self-esteem support group in Washington, DC where she currently resides.  She currently facilitates two support groups in homeless women’s shelters in DC and has hopes of obtaining another outside of the homeless shelter environment.   Barbara is also an inspirational speaker and life coach. Through her own trials, she can identify with what a lot of people, particularly women face today that will strangle anyone’s hopes and dreams of the future.  She did not give up and through her book, she shows that even though life may knock you down, that does not mean that you should stay down.  Barbara loves writing and also writes poetry and has written a play that she directed and acted in that was presented to the community where she lived, back in 2007.

Barbara’s purpose in writing her book is to give her readers a glimpse into a life that was not “pretty” and she has hopes that those who are experiencing similar trials can definitely emerge victorious. In her book she is candid and unashamed in bringing her “pain” to the forefront.  She says: “If I could remove pain and mental anguish from other women who suffer today  much like I did…I would not hesitate to do it!  I realize that it is not my job to help everyone. It’s just not possible. But, I will try to help those who I can help.” How does she intend on “helping” those misplaced by life? By her inspirational speaking and life coaching!  Through both her inspirational speaking and life coaching she is compassionate, truthful, and real. And hopefully by reading the stories contained in her book and how she overcame her struggles you too may be inspired!  She knows what it is like to suffer from depression, homelessness, suicide attempts, alcoholism, domestic violence, attempted rape, and more.   In her book: “Pretty Ugly – How Low Self-Esteem Almost Ruined My Life”, Ms. Barnes lets her readers know that they are not alone.  You will find stories in the book that will make you laugh and cry.  She gives inspiration to go on when you feel like giving up and she is a living testimony of what is possible in the midst of impossible situations. 

“My life is not perfect, nor am I perfect. I did what was necessary to change it.  When you finally get sick and tired of being sick and tired of dragging that large ship of pain, turmoil and despair around every day, then you’ll do something about it.  That’s what I did.”  

To contact Barbara for inspirational speaking or life coaching call: 202-290-1936 or contact her via email at: Visit her website at:  

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