Rae Spencer

Rae Spencer is an eclectic recluse working as a paper-pusher living in Harveys Lake Pennsylvania. She is the author of the erotica novella “Beyond A Proposition” and "For Everything" by Lazy Day Publishing. She loves to cross-stitch, embroider, hula-hoop, has a huge fetish for rock music and Peanut M&M’s. She started reading romance novels in middle school and began writing in high school. Rae claims reading historical romance’s played a huge role in helping her pass high school History. After years of writing in the closet, Rae decided to take a chance and joined a poetry workshop. Through the camaraderie and gentle nudges of her friends, Rae took the leap toward submissions.

Rae’s writing lets her live her fantasies and give her imagination the freedom needed to flourish. Her biggest desire for her stories is simply for those who read them to lose themselves in the stories, temporarily leaving the dredge of reality behind.

Book(s) By Rae Spencer

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