Rithika Ramesh

I’m Rithika Ramesh, a vegan, baker, blogger, travel junkie and an animal lover. I run Mumbai’s only 100% vegan bakery The Green Stove from my suburban home. While my oven keeps me busy, I enjoy writing about food and my vegan travels. I come from a family of amazing cooks starting with my great-grandma, both my lovely grandmothers and of course my mother who pushed me in the right direction. 

After studying film making and working on a few films, I gave it up for greener pastures. Around the same time I came across the word “vegan” and went exploring. I was brought up a vegetarian, but experimented with meat in college. After a Vipassana course in 2008, the thought of eating meat was unbearable and in 2009 I learnt about the cruel dairy industry. It wasn’t a hard decision at all. From that very day I went vegan. I have been baking since I was 10 for family and friends' birthdays, but with my dietary change I had to now bake my own birthday cakes. I soon realised I wasn’t the only vegan going through this in Mumbai and The Green Stove was born. 

Mumbai is a great city to be eating in since it is a culmination of lots of different flavours from all over India and being a vegan in this city is an amazing culinary experience. This guide is my homage to the city I live in and the people who choose to be compassionate the world over.

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