Robert Legori

Hi, I'm Robert Legori, ever since i was about five and my mother got into researching religions and faiths and spirituality, i too was fascinated. i read and listened and learned with her, this journey made me love books and stories and writing and i knew one day i might want to be an author. through the journey of learning my own ideas sparked in my head they began a imaginary friends and grew to connect with people and places in the world. these childhood imaginations became something like my own faith, the lessons and stories and guidance i followed and lived my life by. one day when they came flooding to the front of my mind i knew i couldn't stop. i had to quickly sit down and grab a large pack of loose leaf paper and the pens set off. i wrote and wrote and couldn't stop. they just jumped from my mind and onto the pages. the experience was kinda scary i felt robotic. as i finished and looked up i had realized that i just wrote down the stories that had entertained my childhood and guided my growing life into young adulthood. Was i an author? would my story really matter to others, i know i loved them and they taught me things but they were fantasy. i decided No i didn't want to be an author, i didn't want to publish it was not the right choice. i couldn't handle the either failure or the great success. i wrote for a long time after that and i got out all the story that plagued my mind. i put the loose leaf masses in plastic protectors and locked them away in a briefcase. only recently did i decide maybe someone will enjoy them. maybe someone can escape like i did with them. so i sat and i typed up  The Book Of Ages~ In The Beginning.

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