Roma Sharma

Roma is a software engineer by education and a chef by passion. After working for 6 years in the IT industry she turned a home maker. With two kids now she spends most of her time creating new dishes to excite them with. Besides cooking, she has hobbies like photography and blogging. She loves experimenting with different types of cuisines and seldom leaves a restaurant without learning something new.

When Roma first had a baby she realized that baby food is a confusing subject. The type of food that can be fed to a baby at each stage of growth is something that needs to be checked every time something new is introduced. Her baby’s pediatrician was helpful in this regard. She would clarify doubts on ingredients permitted for the baby at each stage. She also had the good fortune of talking to her grandmother about the dishes she use to feed her kids. Her mother shared knowledge she had on medicinal and travel food.

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