Ruth Hildegard Henrich

Ruth Hildegard Henrich, MBA, RMT, RMT-SKHM, executive-, life coach, counselor, author and visionary artist , born and raised in Germany, works in California, Germany and Southern France providing retreats, seminars and one-on-one sessions under the title BE ! and UNLIMIT YOURSELF !

Since 2001, Ruth Hildegard Henrich, channels a group of Ascended Masters - among  them Hildegard of Bingen,  Mary Magdalene, Eleanor, Nefertari, Atlantean scientists, Lemurian energies .... who call  themselves as group 'Ashantara'. Their teachings  resulted in 6 books– as of 2008 :

Her experience and findings during her work as teacher and coach did find their way into self help and educational books. 

“In times of undue stress and crisis we get tunnel vision and need help to see our possibilities, find balance again to stay healthy.  I help people navigate through tough times, gain inner strength, find new orientation and stay healthy and succeed in today's demanding, fast changing world.”

Ruth teaches leadership skills that consistently improve daily life, resulting in a fulfilling, happier, consequently more successful performance.  Her retreats enlighten and provide ideas immediately transferable into daily life.

Book(s) By Ruth Hildegard Henrich

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