Sandra Bettencourt

On September 03, 2010 I was honoured to have been chosen amongst the thousands of applicants to have my poem "No Apologies" from "Poetic Indulgence: Where Poetry Meets Real Life" by the Poetic Institute of Canada to be published into their yearly anthology "Island Myst" and have been graced with the honour of becoming published into The National Library of Canada so that it now remains Canadian history!!!  Release is in January 2011.  Thanks to all!!!  I love rhyme.  I adore poetry.  I like "real life" experiences.  I enjoy all, so I've combined my true life stories both great and shameful into a tell all book of poetry.  Raw truth that rhymes.  Everyone can relate.  Not everything can be fairytales and kisses.  I expose it all and make no apologies. Please click on link for a flavour of what is inside the pages.

"An emotional ride.  Reading the book invoked emotions from both ends of the spectrum.  I got more than I expected, and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something different."
Soraida Valentine
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