Sarah Simmons

Sarah Simmons lives with her mother and young sister in Perth, Western Australia. Growing up in a city has given Sarah a love of bushland, wide open spaces and no sense of direction. She is currently a student at Curtin University, intending to finish her education with some sort of degree and her liver intact. Between studying and working, Sarah spends most of her time dreaming about worlds that don’t yet exist, with the hope that if she writes enough of them down, other people can dream about them too. Her current goals in life are to travel the world without using a plane, become a world famous author, and to teach her English mastiff, Bambi, the difference between chew toys and housing support beams.

Sarah's short fiction has been published in Born Storytellers anthologies in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012.

Book(s) By Sarah Simmons

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