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Sarah’s love for writing began to blossom in Middle School. She found the written word both appealing and magical, where she could lose herself for hours in a book. An early reader, she took to her first love, poetry with youthful exuberance, and her fondness for the subject grew with the years.

“Poetry seemed the obvious choice when I was younger. I would look at things with a different perspective, using my family, and the things I loved to do, as my muse.

“Sometimes, the Headmaster would read a few of my poems at morning assembly, me being too shy and awkward to read them myself. I had a bad stutter when I was a child, you see. My one regret, I never retrieved those poems before I moved on to High School.”

Writing poetry wasn‘t the only thing which intrigued her, she also found herself drawn to music and art. Realising she had no talent for singing, Sarah learnt to play the flute and passed her musical exams before finishing Middle School. She also realised she could draw, and turned away from writing for a while to focus on her drawing.

“I adored art, although painting wasn’t my favourite part of the lessons, I preferred drawing and making things much more. I passed my O’Level and progressed to the Sixth Form to carry on with my dream of becoming a Graphic Designer. However, four months in to the first year, my father died, and my dreams died with him.

“I used to regret my decision, but I’ve learned that things happen for a reason.”

After the loss of her father, Sarah changed career paths and at the age of seventeen, she took a position as Window Dresser with a large firm. The job didn’t last long, and she found herself changing professions more often than she had her haircut.

“I followed my father‘s mantra, Jack of all trades, master of none to the extreme.”

Time passed, and Sarah was married and had a son before she finally settled. When her son turned three, she began a part-time job as an evening sales assistant with a pet retailer. From there, she progressed up the ladder to Admin. Deputy Manager and then Manager of her own store.

She passed exams in pet shop/livestock management and various pet nutrition courses. Held (a now expired) forklift licence, a Health & Safety at work certificate, and was a first-aide representative for the store. She also became a member of the Saddlers List, when she passed her AMTRA exam with credit.

“I remember there were two of us from the Norwich store who attended the course, and the night before the exam (and my birthday by the way), we stayed up and crammed. Learning Latin names for various types of worms found in horses wasn’t an easy thing to do, and to this day, I can still only remember one. Strongylus vulgaris. That’s a common blood worm or red worm to anyone who’s interested.”

Throughout her childhood and early adulthood, Sarah never lost sight of her one true passion, reading. As the years passed, stories became a new and exciting interest that overtook her yearning for writing poetry or drawing. However, those ideas remained dormant, but stayed a constant reminder during that time.

Not until 2010 that is, when she finally decided to begin the process of writing those ideas down.

At present, she has one completed book in its final edit, which she has been sharing on her blog ‘Inspire the Idea’. Also two other projects that are either awaiting completion, or are still in the early stages of drafting.

“I’m not saying that’s all I have floating around inside my brain, as a writer, there are so many possibilities waiting for a chance to be noticed. You can never say it‘s over.”

Sarah started her early life in Pakefield, England before her family moved to Norwich. The youngest of eight children (five of those boys), she spent her childhood acting out her role as ‘Tomboy’ with expertise, and preferred playing football and cricket rather than playing with dolls. She still resides in Norwich with her husband, son and family cat.

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