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  Senserial - A New and Innovative way of Publishing and Reading

    Senserial Publishing is a digital publishing house, which offers novels as a digital series for an affordable price.

    To encourage people to read more, we have worked out a new way of reading novels. We decided to slice the reading into “pieces.  Every season, we are going to publish a new story in an eBook format.

    We offer two different versions of each episode:

  • enhanced files with some pictures for eReaders (.pdf,.epub,.mobi)
  • a special feature designed for tablets (iPad,Galaxy,etc.), which contains a soundtrack and graphics

   We are also building an online community, where creative projects will be posted by writers, artists, composers and producers and the readers will rank them.

    Our community will be a place, where writers, artists and readers will interact with each other and we believe that this is one of keys to creating the best quality. 


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