Shawn Latham

Shawn Latham grew up in a small town in Northern Texas dreaming of a life of adventure and travel. After several miserable attempts at being a good employee He realized that he wasn't getting any closer to the life of his dreams. On the day his daughter set off for third grade, Shawn started his Ebook business. Gradually it dawned on him that his real passion was for helping others become creatively self-employed. Shawn is an author, on a mission to empower people to maximize their lives. Currently, he is working on empowering people to get fit both physically and financially. He is an expert in researching, understanding and teaching others the various ways anyone or any business can make money, and better their lives - often using little or no money to accomplish this.

Shawn Latham has an impressive background in sales management, training, and as an executive for large companies. However, his passion has always been reading, learning, and teaching. Among other topics, he has spent years researching and studying both the mental and physical aspects of living a more joyful and productive life. His goal is to find simple, easy-to-implement ideas that work in the real world. Shawn Latham is a successful entrepreneur, online marketing expert, motivational speaker, teacher, and advisor to e-businesses and writers worldwide. He is the best-selling Author of "Dynamic Productivity and Organizational Guide", "Simple Ways to Get Paid Writing" , "The Highly Profitable List building Academy: Secrets to huge profits building list online" , "Your Complete Guide to Profits with Real Estate Rentals"

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