Sid Peimer

I am a strategic planner, speaker, trainer and writer. 

My background is somewhat eclectic, but has allowed me to draw from diverse disciplines: Karate Instructor, River Guide, Actor, Filmmaker, Lecturer, Copywriter, Chemistry Tutor and Frozen Chicken Cutter.

I qualified in Pharmacy (which I thoroughly enjoyed, but don't ask me why I did it) and have an an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

'The Clear Win' breaks new ground (I hope) as a business book, combining personal anecdotes, empirical evidence and a twist of fiction. I trust the result is a delight to read that will give you a new understanding of the intricacies of new business pitching, giving you a better understanding of what works - and what doesn't.

I live in Cape Town with Shayna, my wife/muse, and two Jack Russells: Bella and Ben. I am allowed on the furniture even though my hair comes off. I have proclaimed himself mayor of my seaside website

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