Starla Smith

Starla Smith has a heart for encouraging women to find their true selves in the heart of God. She is a wife and mother of two. Starla enjoys finding the reasons behind why we hide who we are from eachother and sharing useful tools as to how to let go of the masks we wear that hid our truth, revealing the face of God in us all.

 Currently working on Moments In The Raw. It is a book about the poetry of the soul. As it is, ripped out of you raw. I don’t try to rhyme the words. I don’t try to fix the sentences to fit. I just let them come out as raw as the feelings my soul is expressing.

My Mother always said that I live on my own planet. One day a friend of mine called where I live Startune. Its like Neptune but my own place. I like living on my own planet in my mind. It is the place where I am able to express myself in all the true and rawest ways.

Some of the poetry is what I see around me and some is the emotional turmoil and bliss that comes from living this life as me. I hope you enjoy them, making a connection within your own soul and feel your own emotions just as raw through reading mine.

I also believe that at times God speaks to me in these words. That He has been my constant companion on this journey through my mind and emotions. Allowing me to see His hand guiding and when I have let go of Him and need to return. Showing me my true thoughts and feelings allowing me to examine my own heart and mind. He has helped me to reveal the real me inside and allow that to shine through.

At the end of each poem I have added a commentary of the poem. So often I have wondered what the poet is feeling and thinking and why they have written the words that they have. Poets paint us a picture with there words but for the most part we can only guess what they are talking about, and so I have added my personal thoughts. Revealing not only my heart and my vulnerabilities, but also the way the Spirit of God leads me in this life.

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