TC McKinney


My Name is TC McKinney and I am an Author and Poet with multi talent in different fields. I am not only an Author and Poet but also an editor, formatter, website designer, marketer, video editor etc. I am into creative Arts of all kind including Art, Music, Crafts, Poetry etc. My life is spent daily doing for others. I have an Intention that marks my character as unique though it is strongly an intention that most develop over time. I am always searching for new and better ways to improve myself and what I do. I love meeting new people who have the same intention as me though if not I will not judge how or where they stand in there life due to much diversity. This is what I like to promote, Diversity in its fullest form with unity strands that bind us together for the common good. I am now 25 and have a strong passion for life and I seek each day as if it is my last. Many times have I been deemed strong willed and utterly annoying due to my interest and perception of life. I dont wish to change how I am th, though I am always up for correction when and where it is needed in my life. Constantly I am a critcizer of my own work and life looking for new ways to go beyond the box of my five senses. I have days and nights where I defend my beliefs and I can be rather more of a pest than a helper, but when the facts are straight I do my best to correct those inner and outer qualities that need to be corrected for my progress. Never have I responded well to people who have a thirst for telling me I am just plain wrong or that I should not do something but do embrace a comforting of helpful hints though I may not catch the hints and fall on the ground wondering why am I where I am. This does play a big part in my life because if I come to error I must be in a constant challange with myself to realize that there is a force that pushed me in this direction and I like to step up to this challange and take it a step forward. Life is a lesson, a game, a way to perfection, correction so that I can percieve clearly where I can place my next footing in the sands of time.

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