Thom A Lisk

Dr. Thom-Terrific Lisk is a paid professional speaker in over 40 USA states and 12 other countries; the author of several books including: Noble Leadership, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Success as a Professional Speaker (2008), Become #1 in Selling--Beyond Success to Significance, the co-author of Those Marvelous Mentors, and has also had published numerous workbooks for seminars and articles in national magazines. Lisk is CEO/President of Professional Speakers Bureau &; interviewed on TV (Fox, CNN, etc.) and radio worldwide and featured in the Wall Street Journal as business executive of the year. By age 27 he was the #1 Branch Sales Manager in the USA for two national companies in two different industries, later managed over 300 people located in every USA state for world-famous #1 Highlights for Children.

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