Tilde Cameron & Tina Fiorda

Tilde Cameron and Tina Fiorda are co-authors of "A Book of Insight", a book channeled entirely through a Ouija board.

As long as mankind has had conscious awareness, he has yearned to know and understand himself. He has sought answers to questions about his true purpose here on Earth. Questions about existence, and about God and our connection to this infinite Source. Questions about love, reality, life and death. What really happens to us when we die? Are heaven and hell real? And, are we alone in this Universe or do other realities exist?

One day, in September of 2004, sisters Tilde Cameron and Tina Fiorda were experimenting with a Ouija board when they were joined by their three spirit guides. Tilde and Tina began receiving wisdom and knowledge from a realm of existence that was beyond anything they had ever experienced, and were given the answers to these questions, and many more as they embarked on a conversation with their spirit guides.


Book(s) By Tilde Cameron & Tina Fiorda

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