Tim Doutreval

All the young Tim Doutreval wanted to do was write and fence. From the time he was six, he would sneak downstairs to watch Errol Flynn movies in the middle of the night. Doutreval missed his first opportunity to fence as a teen at a military academy, which was a good thing because he is not a 5 a.m. bounce-a-quarter-on-the-bed kind of guy. At night, he read and wrote historical fiction by candlelight or flashlight under the covers at 3 a.m. (another reason 5 a.m. was a bad thing) Eventually, he gave up candlelight and yellow legal pads for computers, although an errant candle may still sneak in occasionally for ambience. 

Doutreval has always been a swashbuckler at heart, longing for action, adventure and intrigue. Most recently, he landed at the end of the nineteenth century to traverse the fogs of London and the beauty of Paris, duel in the back alleyways, and deal with all those radicals and socialists. And fencers, too.

Book(s) By Tim Doutreval

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