Tim Roux

I am a writer from Hull, in the North of England, living in Belgium.

I also help run a publishing company called Night Publishing (http://www.nightpublishing.com)  which is dedicated to the cause that "all good books should be published", via its Night Reading (http://nightreading.ning.com) community.

I have currently written 10 novels and one business book, and edited one collection of short stories:

1. Blood & Marriage
2. Little Fingers
3. Girl On a Bar Stool
4. Shade+Shadows
5. Fishing, for Christians
6. The Ghoul Who Once
7. The Dance of the Pheasodile
8. The Blue Food Revolution
9. (Just like) El Cid's Bloomers
10. Mission
11. Marketers from Mars (brand marketing book)
12. .... at last! (short stories, editor and contributor)

My most popular books are 'Girl On A Bar Stool', 'The Dance of the Pheasodile' and 'Missio'. 'The Blue Food Revolution' gets love / hate reactions.

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