Tony Giles

Tony Giles is totally blind and 80 percent deaf. Yet he travels the world solo, staying in backpacker hotels.

Tony Giles was born in Weston-super-Mare on the west coast of England in 1978. Diagnosed at a young age with Cone Dystrophy, a rare eye condition, and Photophobia, an extreme sensitivity to light, he maintained some vision until the age of eighteen when he lost all sight except for his ability to recognise bright sunlight. At the age of six, he developed nerve sensory hearing loss that has progressively worsened over time.

Despite this, Tony gained a Bachelors of Arts Degree in American Studies from Northampton University in 2001 and a Masters Degree in Transatlantic Studies from Birmingham University in 2003. He has travelled from a young age and continues to enjoy experiencing new parts of the world, his most recent journeys including trips to the USA, Sri Lanka and Iceland.

Seeing The World My Way is Tony Giles' first book. He is currently working on its sequel. When he's not travelling, he lives in Teignmouth, Devon.

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