Tony Scott Macauley

Tony Scott Macauley, an ordained Christian Minister, Non Denomination, is a former US Army Ranger, serving with 1/75, 3/75 Ranger Battalions, and finally for the Department of the Army Ranger School as instructor/trainer.


His love for the word of God, the military and sharing knowledge that provokes and inspires followers and non-followers of Christ to think deeper/simpler is profoundly embedded and continues to be his life long personal passion.


He believes that whatever is emphasized from the word of God, be it Christian lifestyle, prosperity, or Christian values, the bottom line, the return of Christ should be well understood and hidden messages revealed.


“The word of God should be made easy, taught simply with emphasis on training, chapter by chapter and verse by verse, revealing each prominent example and how it can be applied to the second coming of Christ.”


Most of all, learning the word of God should be fun and made easy, the characters brought to life and made familiar and the complete plan understood. For Christians, teaching the word of God is one of the most responsible jobs on earth, for how will people learn unless they have a teacher.

Book(s) By Tony Scott Macauley


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Tony Scott Macauley is a former US. Army Ranger and veteran of Urgent FuryGrenada October 1983, a Christian Minister, Bible study speaker, Ballroom Dance owner/trainer, and author.


Describe your book ‘A Dream Before Dying/The Initiation’ in 30 words or less.


A young US. Army Chaplain, in search of his first love, Vanessa, has dreams of time traveling between 1967 Vietnam and 33 AD Jerusalem. While teaching about the Second Coming it triggers the dreams causing him to witness the First ministry of Christ.


Who will benefit from reading your story?

Great question. My story centers around the military, the gospel of Christ, and the relationships between the main character, Chaplain 2nd Lieutenant Vincent Christopher, and those he loves most. 


Military personal serving in campaigns around the world or have loved ones, or have lost a loved one will greatly benefit form this heartwarming story.


Others in search of answers to the many questions in the Bible can find answers in this story. Where do we go when we die? What about my unsaved friends and family? What did Jesus mean when he said "Father forgive them...?" When he said, "Take this cup from me...,"and "Blessed are the barren?" What does born again really mean? Who will return first, the False or True Christ.


These questions and many more are addressed and answered leaving readers with knowledge and a practical/enlightened way of applying God's complete plan concerning the Second Coming of Christ and End Times Prophecies.



What was the hardest part of writing your book?


This novel is entertaining and educational. The difficult part was getting the message of the Second Coming of Christ across to the readers without preaching.


Briefly share with us what you do to market your book?


My marketing attempts: EMSI is my pr company. I have a web site and blog and have articles posted all over the internet.


How do you spend your time when you are not writing?


My time away from writing is spent in Bible study, speaking with others about the Second Coming of Christ. I teach ballroom dancing to senior citizens and adults.


What are you working on next?


 I'm rewriting my first self-published book and hope to get an agent.

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