Tori Bouwer

The truth is you attract what you are. If you are and feel wealthy, you attract wealth. If you are and feel love you attract love. The secret is BELIEF. To believe is to BE, therefore you have to BE your desire in order to attract it, hence the title of the book. This journal helps you to be your desire therefore being in a position to attract it.

I am a regular lady who just happened to stumble across the laws of manifestation a few years ago. I studied the subject and practiced outlined techniques till I grew tired and was about to give up when I learned how to use gratitude and the law of assumption. I have seen them work in my life and the beauty of it all is, they are truly easy to utilize.

I am currently working on my follow up book which will be more interesting than the first. I spend most of my time practicing the laws of manifestation because in essence, nothing feels more exciting and wonderful than saying THANK YOU and meaning it.

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