Barry Weinberg

Sometimes we can’t see the picture because we are within the frame. We never step back and look at the magnitude of what we do or appreciate the number of people we have affected.  How special our lives have become because of the decisions we make that dictate the paths we take.

In a 33-year Major League career, I have experienced 14 playoffs, 7 World Series, with 3 World Championships, Oakland A’s 1989, St. Louis Cardinals 2006, 2011 and I have been the Athletic Trainer for 4 Major League All-Star games.

I have met the most amazing people in all walks of life.  Every different sport, entertainment, politics, music, and the great people you meet daily walking the streets of this great country.

“Every Mile a Memory,” a song by my friend and country music star Dierks Bentley has been my theme song to the many memories I have experienced over the many miles I have traveled through the Minor Leagues with the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Major Leagues with the New York Yankees, Oakland A’s and  St. Louis Cardinals.

This endeavor, “Eating My Way Through Baseball” explains it all. I can’t cook nor do I try; I eat out every meal at some of the coolest places and with the coolest people all over the world. Hard to believe that a boy from Silver Spring, MD., Edith and Harold’s only Son has walked so many miles and made so many memories from the locker rooms to the dugouts, to dinner tables. I hope you enjoy these stories and great restaurants around the League and throughout this country. 

Life is a journey, enjoy the meal!

Uncle Barry

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