When Will the eBook Expressway Explode Sales for Nonfiction – as It Has for Fiction?

Guest Expert: Laurel Marshfield eBook Writer In the mid-1960s, the Beatles recorded “Paperback Writer,” a song that could be said to mirror the controlled frenzy currently surrounding eBooks. Why so? With its good-natured satire, the song lends a soundtrack to the hopes that many authors have for this new publishing medium. And if the Beatles […]

Book Marketing Mondays: Authors & Marketers: The 5 Most Asked Questions Answered

Guest Expert: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen Throughout the year, I have had many opportunities to submit and host interviews. Some have been author focused…others have been market focused…and yet, my favorite is a blend. Perhaps it’s time not to consider both as separate. Wouldn’t your life be a lot easier if you combined yourself as both an […]

Book Marketing Mondays: Recognize Your Clients/Readers To Show Appreciation

Guest Expert: Tony Eldridge Marketing, especially book marketing, takes place on two fronts. First, the front that helps us find new readers. Second, the front that helps us keep the readers we already have. Why is it important to keep our current readers? Because they help us spread the word about our book; they buy more […]

Book Marketing Mondays: Top Ten Ways Authors Can Use Twitter

Guest Expert: Dana Lynn Smith Twitter is a great tool for building an author platform and promoting books. Here are some of the top ways authors can benefit from Twittering: 1. Help others by sharing information, while you gain a reputation as an expert. Nonfiction authors can post links to helpful articles, recommend resources, and […]

Book Marketing Mondays: EBooks Set Record Sales – Indie Authors Gain Power

Guest Expert: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen THE EBOOK MARKET IS EXPLODING! Even with less than 3 months left, the first 9 months into 2010 shows eBooks TRIPLING wholesale revenues. EBooks set record sales: “eBooks reached an all time record in the book industries at 9% of ALL wholesale book revenues, jumping drastically from the 3% in 2009 […]

Book Marketing Mondays: Important Communication Lessons Learned From The 2010 Midterm Elections

Guest Expert: Tony Eldridge Tomorrow is the mid-term election in the United States. Regardless who your favorite candidate is, there are some great communication lessons authors you can learn by observing what is happening. Some lessons may be worthy to emulate while others may be best to steer clear from. While politics can be divisive, your […]

Book Marketing Mondays: 10 Ways to Promote Your Book in Your Own Backyard

Guest Expert: Dana Lynn Smith Online marketing is a terrific way to promote your book to a worldwide audience, but sometimes authors overlook book marketing opportunities in their own backyard. In your local area and region, you have the opportunity to stand out as a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Here are ten tips […]

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