Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: Personality Promotion: An Author’s Best Friend

Guest Expert: Laurel Marshfield You’ve heard the numbers. Over a million new books were published last year, in this country alone. The numbers for 2010, when tallied, will be even more daunting. And that’s not including eBooks. So what do these numbers mean for authors? One thing they mean is that, with a million-plus books […]

Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: 4 Steps to Success with Local Independent Bookstore Signings

Guest Expert: Teresa Morrow Getting the word out about your book takes top priority for most authors. You want to spread the word about your book and doing book signings in your local community can build great buzz for your book. The reading enthusiast in your local community searches for any and all places where they […]

Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: Kindling Fires up Writers

Guest Author: Ruth Francisco I want to share my experiences with Kindle, and to let everyone know that epublishing is a viable option to waiting around for a traditional publisher. Not only have unknown writers been “discovered” on Kindle and offered traditional DTB (dead tree book) contracts, but established writers are publishing original material to […]

Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: The Secrets To Selling A Ton Of Books On Your Book Launch Day

Guest Expert: Jim Kukral I’m a first-time author. My first book, “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money” was published and released in August 2010, just over a month ago by John Wiley & Sons. So being a first-time author, I’ll admit it, I was kind of a rube when it came down the traditional […]

Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: The Care and Feeding of Your MySpace Page

Guest Expert: Susanna Carr Facebook dominates all social media and Twitter is growing exponentially. Authors are jumping over to these communities and ignoring their MySpace accounts. Website designers suggest a MySpace logo on your site looks antiquated. Should you delete your MySpace page? Not so fast! While activity levels are down at MySpace, your profile […]

Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: Write Posts That Soar Above Cemeteries of the “UnRead”

Guest Expert: Aggie Villanueva If your blog post doesn’t grab immediate attention it’s doomed to a plot in the cemetery of the dreaded unread. Here’s 5 tips that will keep your posts from being buried alive. It’s important to use at least one intriguing photo with each post, such as the one I used here. […]

Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: Easily Market Using Online Tutorials With ScreenCast-O-Matic

Guest Expert: Aggie Villanueva A blog and/or website are an author’s marketing base camp. Every promotion we launch sends followers there. It takes a lot of work and time to maintain them well, and constantly emerging site technologies create visitors who expect the glitz and interaction of whatever is the latest and greatest. And honestly […]

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