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BookBuzzr started out as an idea to help one author market his book. Now, we have 10 types of technologies for book marketing and over 12,000 authors using BookBuzzr tools. Through our blog we share techniques, advice, tips and experiences in book marketing with authors and writers. It is also our way of giving back to the author community who have given us such love and support.

In our quest to share maximum knowledge we are opening our blog out for guest posts. Why post on the BookBuzzr blog, you ask?

Guest posts are an excellent opportunity to expand your audience, promote your own reputation and earn back-links.

Laying out the welcome mat to our authors we have put together a Guest Posting Policy to maintain the quality of information shared.

Guest Posting Policy

Submission Guidelines

1. Submissions must be in English and related to Book Marketing and/or its various aspects. They must add quality to the book marketing knowledge bank and be helpful to readers and authors.

2. The submission must be original, new and unique.

[Original – The blogger submitting a post must be the author of the post submitted.
New and Unique – Posts containing content previously published in digital or printed form anywhere else before will not be accepted for publication]

3. Length or post should be between 500-1000 words. Posts will NOT be rejected on being longer but may be shared on the blog in parts.

4. In posts with images, images and media must be royalty free or used in accordance with their license.

Terms of Agreement

(1) The guest author and we both agree not to republish the same article for 30 days after its being published on the BookBuzzr blog.

(2) Copyright to the article will always lie with the author.

(3) We will provide a byline link from the guest author’s username to their blog. Guest authors may link to 1 – 2 relevant article(s) in their own blog in the guest post, and may also link to relevant authoritative posts.

• No affiliation links allowed.
• No self-promotion allowed.

(4) We agree to not edit save for small and obvious typos, spelling errors, etc. If we have any concerns about any part of the draft post we will discuss them with the guest author by email, prior to publication.

(5) We reserve the right to refuse to publish any submission for any reasons we deem relevant and will notify the author of our refusal to publish by email.

If you would like to submit an article to the BookBuzzr blog please write to support@bookbuzzr.com.

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