Praying Through Your Adoption

ABOUT Michele Cervone Scott

Michele Cervone Scott
Author of Praying Through Your Adoption and the blog who draws from experiences to comfort, educate, and offer hope



Are you wondering if God is calling you to adopt?
Are you in the long process of a “paper pregnancy”?
Do you have a newly-adopted child?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you!

Through real-life adoption stories, scriptures, and situation-specific prayers, you will discover ways to:

• Recognize God's role in placing orphans with forever families
• Determine if adoption is right for you
• Explore practical financing options
• Pray about the specific details surrounding your domestic, international, or foster care adoption.
• Wait and prepare for your child’s arrival
• Adjust to adoptive family life
• Support, explain, and celebrate your child’s adoption
• Rely on God to supply all of your needs

Prayer has always been important to me. I turned to God in prayer during our infertility, and I had planned to pray through a pregnancy if that had been God's plan. While adopting our son from Russia, we experienced painful delays and obstacles, such as increased fees and additional paperwork. At a particularly low point in the adoption process, I participated in an online prayer vigil that directed me to pray for very specific aspects of adoption – from government officials to waiting children. I realized the power of prayer specifically in adoption and saw the need to help other families pray through their adoptions as well.

Bethany Christian Services
Adoption is all about love. Michele Scott candidly tells us about their love amidst the real life challenges of adoption. She teaches us how to pray with scripture, giving us hope and strength. I recommend this book to all families involved in the adoption process.
~William J. Blacquiere, President/CEO of Bethany Christian Services

HOPE International
Praying Through Your Adoption is a powerful reminder that throughout the adoption process, you are not alone. The narrative provides a community of parents who share their joys, disappointments, and fears, but ultimately celebrate the story of how the Lord provided for them throughout the adoption process. It is an encouragement for anyone embarking on the journey of adoption - I just wish my wife Laurel and I had had this resource when we adopted our son!
~Peter Greer, President of HOPE International and co-author of The Poor Will Be Glad

Christian Alliance for Orphans
To 'defend the fatherless' and 'set the lonely in families' through adoption and foster care is to mirror God's heart. It is a sacred commitment, and a matter with spiritual dimensions that exceed our ability to comprehend. It will almost certainly carry both great difficulty and great joy. So we would do well to approach this journey like Moses at the burning bush--with reverence, humility, supplication and thanksgiving. Prayer is the wellspring of all of this, and Praying Through Your Adoption provides invaluable help for learning in practical terms how to walk this unparalleled journey with God.
~Jedd Medefind, President of Christian Alliance for Orphans

Author Russell D. Moore
Adoption can be a scary experience. It's often very unfamiliar and quite unpredictable, and the stakes are high. King Jesus has given us one place to run in times of anxiety: the cry to the Father in prayer. This book will equip adopting families and their friends with exactly what we need: practical tools for praying through the process of adoption or foster care, from beginning to end. Read it, and pray.
~Russell D. Moore, author of Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches