A Subtle Thing

General Fiction

By Alicia Hendley

Publisher : Five Rivers Chapmanry

A Subtle Thing

ABOUT Alicia Hendley

Alicia Hendley
A Guelph native, Alicia Hendley is a PhD in clinical psychology, and when not writing is a psychologist in the counselling centre at the University of Waterloo where she primarily works with young adults. She is a Waterloo native and makes her home in Guelph with her four children and husband.


Raw, honest and relentless, Alicia’s debut novel is a heartbreaking and uplifting journey into one woman’s battle with clinical depression. Drawing on her experience as a clinical psychologist, Alicia has created a compelling portrait of what life looks like through the eyes of someone whose actions may otherwise appear inexplicable.

A Subtle Thing is a must read for anyone trying to understand what it’s like for the friend, family member, colleague or employee who suffers from this debilitating condition.

Alicia Hendley captures the essence of humanity, in all its glorious faultiness.... -- Emily Rae Robles, The Ambitious Ambigue.

A Subtle Thing is a gritty and raw novel that hits the reader in such a powerful and sincere way that putting it down is simply not an option. - Canadian Book Review

Alicia Hendley's wonderfully written first novel is certainly not light reading and there's not much to like about Beth in the early going. But a compelling story gradually emerges about her return from the depths, a climb made more difficult by the attitudes of others who refuse to let her move on, long after the dark days are over. Let's hope she [Alicia Hendley] can find time to keep writing, another baby or not. -- Jon Fear, Kitchener Waterloo Record.

I was blown away by this debut novel. -- Foozago Book Review