Let's Learn Our ABCs!

ABOUT Candace Allgood

Candace Allgood
I am a stay at home mother of 4 children, and also the founder of Sonbeams, a Christian based website offering parents and families resources to raise a Godly generation.



"Let's Learn Our ABC's!" is a Christian based, preschool/ kindergarten homeschool curriculum that teaches not only the letters of the alphabet, but God's Word.

Learn how to recognize, sound out, sign, and write each letter over 26 weeks, and have a new ABC Bible verse that accompanies each week's letter.

You'll see how we are to R - resist the devil, P - praise ye the Lord, and D - depart from evil, as you go through this book. Lesson guides, activities, and worksheets are included, as well as weekly certificates of achievement.

The "Let's Learn!" curriculum series actually began when I, a former preschool instructor, was wanting to start "school" with my first child who was approaching 3 years old. I knew that there were many great ideas and lesson plans stored in my mind that I had used as a teacher, but I wanted more for my children, I wanted them to have a foundation built on the Word of God. Thus, "Let's Learn!" was created - though not as something to ever sell - Sonbeams wasn't even a thought at this point. We didn't just learn ABC, but we learned about these letters through the Bible and God's world!

As a homeschool mom since 1986 it isn't often that I look at a curriculum and think, "I wish I had used this," but here is an exception! My education degree along with certifications including "Pre-school" ill prepared me for the nuances of homeschooling multi-aged and multi-level children. I found that my pre-schoolers, other than my first, were playing while I worked on "real" school with their older siblings. While I didn't neglect them, I did spend very little time in formal schooling. For those who are interested in having everything organized, in one place, and integrated for parent and child, you will find Sonbeams curriculum for the little ones an amazing blessings! Here it is, for the parent with clearly specified suggestions, lessons for the little ones and even a certificate of completion at the end. Who doesn't love awards! Another gem is the ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs. What a wonderful collection of music for young children and parents. Congratulations, Candace, your work is beautiful as it is functional. ~ Felice Gerwitz, Media Angels

Thank you so much for this wonderful curriculum! God bless you, Lisa G.

My daughter and her family are missionaries to Nepal.  She recently discovered the Sonbeams program through a friend and shared her desire to begin a homeschool preschool with my almost - three-year-old
granddaughter. As a former child care supervisor of a daycare center at our church, I was thrilled when I reviewed your program. My husband and I are purchasing the Sonbeams program for our grand-daughter and
are so excited to be a part of teaching her about God.  Who knows where this will all lead?  God has a wonderful way of surprising us with His plans for our lives. Thanks for all you do to bless our children and grandchildren with your wonderful program. ~ Virginia H

 It is so good to have Biblical values brought into all areas of teaching as it should be. Keep up the good work. ~ Roberta

I purchased the curriclum set a few days ago and I am so excited to get started! I have been looking over it and will be getting our "classroom" ready this weekend to surprise my littles on Monday morning. I just wanted to thank you so much for your obvious hard work in creating this curriculum. May God bless you as he has used you to bless us! ~ Bobbie