A Dialogue in the city of Niyod (A Book on self-enlightenment)

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Wahab Owolawi
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A remarkable account of a journey to a 'land of enlightenment' called Niyod. The book engenders a different mind-set, and a... More > paradigm shift from the usual status-quo. A piece of work that bridges the gap between the conscious and the subconscious,the mundane and the sublime,a book that set you thinking right from the depth of your being rather than the usual superficial 'follow the crowd syndrome' mentality level. A very powerful book that will definitely impact the life of the reader for good.

The book describes what an ideal society/human being is and how far we are from that ideal. A man by name, Operosus, went out in search of the fruit of wisdom and enlightenment from an hypothetical city known as Niyod. His account is relayed in this book. Generally, the book is meant to provoke self-introspection in a reader and possibly awaken in h/her a conscious effort toward becoming a better human being, which will subsequently culminate in a better world for all. The more conscious people are about their true and pristine nature, the better for humanity and the world at large.

A Book on Self-Enlightenment
Operosus journeys to the land of the enlightened.

Life is life because inherent in it, proof of it, is unending, continuous motion which, depending on where you stand, is orderly and ordered or unorganized and accidental. The distancing from it is what creates doubt, even denies its orderliness and utter absence of accidents or chance. Your appreciation of that segment of life you live, you relate to, you are willing to be part of, is a function of where in its manifold manifestations you stand. And the “standing” is not an assessment by you but one of the automatic placement by that which has shown in every... More > circumstance that only birds of a feather can flock together.

Having read A Dialogue in the City of Niyod-A book on self-enlightenment, I am in no doubt that here is a prima that those who seriously seek enlightenment must read. Fortunately everyone is seeking enlightenment as part of their make-up because they all are from where light flows even if over millennia of distorted teachings, they have forgotten. A sensing of distancing is therefore understood when we seek that which is here and is not here.

The Dialogue is a soliloquy, the many voices of one person, one man who has traversed the world of learning so that he speaks the language of the world’s teachers with a prayer in his mind and heart that he may be enriched enough to manifest wisdom in his relationship with others.
One seemingly innocuous quotation from the Bible illustrates the picture the book paints. What does “In my father’s house are many mansions” (John 14.2) mean? Some interpreters of the Bible doubt how there can be mansions in a house. So they prefer to say “In my father’s mansion are many rooms”. But the seeker for truth will see the whole of Creation as the House of God in which there are many spheres (mansions) of existence, including the visible worlds and the invisible worlds, all arranged strictly in the order of their worth, determined by how much heat they can stand. Even on the same plane are differing conditions of existence. All the mansions in this great House are one solid, unbroken whole linked together by agents and agencies of the One from Whom the propulsion originates. The flow is, in the order of things replicated in rivers flowing from a high land to low lying areas, from the lightest realms high, high above to darkest depths down, down below, the lightness determining the volume of illumination accessible to those seeking.

Such illumination is not forced, cannot be forced. You journey towards it, imbibing only that which you mature for in an incarnation.

The City of Niyod, from the foregoing, may well be the outcome of the garnering of those life experiences which have grown man on earth through the ages, or it may be illumination transferred or downloaded from a level higher than our plane of existence, and where there is more knowledge of the light, life or truth, which at the highest level are one and inseparable.

It is tempting to say that the Dialogue in an Introspection of Operosus who has so examined the manifestation of life in diverse environments that he has collated his experiences for our guidance, for which we must thank him and wish him more grease to his spiritual elbow. Any other conclusion would diminish this great work. For in the order of things, Knowing Ones should mediate to us what is, not cite the works of those who have been in mortal bodies as the many known writers on earth that the history of man has copiously documented.

The City of Niyod should rather be elevated to one of the many mansions that are located on the way upwards to the Light and from which a drawing can occur. As is, A Dialogue in the City of Niyod is a scintillating dilation of what this plane has inherited from those who passed by on their journey through time.

Observations by
Prince Tony Momoh. Former Minister of Information and Culture of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on reading the manuscript 'A Dialogue in the City of Niyod-A book on self-enlightenment' by Operosus

Lagos, Nigeria