Mad Gods Redux

ABOUT Athanasios Galanis

Athanasios Galanis
In third person to add a note of deluded self importance. Athanasios works in Montreal as a graphic/video artist, illustrator & writer in dvd production & film. He has been researching & crafting Mad Gods: weaving in factual & rumoured history for over ten years. Athanasio More...



For fans of Dan Brown, Joseph Campbell & Elaine Pagels, 

the Omen & the Exorcist...

Bible Revelation is metaphorically crucified when the Antichrist refuses his destiny and makes an apocalyptic escape from Satanists, Templars, Dark Nobility & the Catholic Church.

Kostadino Paleologos searches the entire world for a codex that is rumored to catalogue the Antichrist's past lives and finding it, throws prophecy into chaos.  

He kidnaps and raises the infant Antichrist: calls him Adam and teaches what he learned in his search for the Idammah-Gan Codex.  He shows Adam that the truth to which every faith aspires cannot be seen because we who comprise these faiths: are flawed.  We see, hear, smell, taste and touch with inadequate tools. Even our intellect, on that which we rely to understand is limited; unable to comprehend the totality of truth. Truth is too large -or too small- to absorb; it transcends everything. 

In the end the Antichrist sees that religion i.e. faith is outside reason, but whatever solace we get is lost in the translation.

grew up being scared out of my wits by the Exorcist & the Omen. They were released in theatres in 73 & 76 respectively, which made me 9 & 12. This was in my formative years before I began thinking for myself & got out from my traditional Greek parents beliefs. I wanted to go past those fears & began looking into whatever was known about the two characters therein: Satan & his darling son. The further I looked into it the more scared I became so I left it alone for a while. I didn't even consider it apart from giving myself the willies every couple of months when I gave both some thought. The idea as to how much fear they caused stayed with me. I didn't like it but I knew it was powerful. As I grew older though I thought about those strong fears, especially the Antichrist. I re-watched the Omen and the sequels and thought: why would anyone want to be the reason for the destruction of the world? That made me fear the Antichrist less and made me think he was getting a bum wrap. So I began crafting a story for myself. The whole time that I had been writing I also lived my life in low end jobs. Cook & then manager in family restaurant, comic book store clerk, sports card collectibles store clerk, busboy, waiter, illustrator, graphic artist, video/dvd graphic artist/editor. I kept returning to Mad Gods and kept putting it off because I wanted to relax when I got home. So my lax attitude got me back into writing because I thought that would be a perfect reason for somebody else not to do what he feels destined to do. The Antichrist doesn't follow Revelation because he likes his entertainment too much. He wanted to see the next great movie, another week's shows, the next cool film or read another book.

By Dr A. Nyland (Australia)
I personally found Mad Gods Redux to be very good indeed. It was in the vein of Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian with a little bit of Garth Nix's Abhorsen. 

The imagery is profoundly evocative; the story is complex yet accessible and very well researched. 

The intriguing plot, the wonderful descriptions of the settings with which the author is clearly initimately familiar and the excellent research make this novel captivating, powerful and compelling. 

It will appeal to readers of dark fantasy, Templar history, and anyone interested in the Illuminati, the paranormal or the occult.

By Mr. Aman S. Anand
Mad Dogs Redux takes its reader on a spellbinding journey that spans different continents and time periods. The author seamlessly weaves as intricate plot that connects an array of fascinating characters that propel the momentum of this wonderfully ambitious narrative. 

It is clear that the author has put a lot of research into the book, but thankfully these details never weight down the book; instead, they add a layer of richness that significantly adds to the reading experience. And without giving too much away, the author also takes the reader to some incredibly exciting locations that I have longed to encounter in fiction. 

The book is well-written and illustrates the diversity of the author's talents - he is equally adept at writing dialogue and evocative descriptive sequences. Despite the constant shift of location, the author always conveys the subtle differences of the various locations he leads the reader through. 

In Kosta Peleogos, the book has an intriguing protagonist who joins the reader in uncovering the secrets of a hidden world. 

Mad Dogs Redux is an addictive read that will immensely satisfy its readers