What Every Fat Girl Wants

ABOUT Roxanne Harris

Roxanne Harris
I am the mother of 2 boys Brandon and Stephen  and grandmother of 3. I am married to Steve Harris. We reside in Hurst Texas. I have written 3 books-What Every Fat Girl Wants, Just Like Us, My Soul Turned Inside Out. . I am working on a sequel to What Every Fat Girl Wants and an exercise D More...


It's an in-your-face approach to empowerment and self-confidence.It is candid and humorous look at the situations and circumstance in the life of a plus size person.

What this book is is just some thoughts I had about being fat. I wrote them down and thought I would share them with you. There are so many things that I think every fat girl wants. We are going to cover five of them. This is only a small book.

Cyrus Webb

One of the "sleeper titles" on our 50 Summer Reading list is "What Every Fat Girl Wants" by author Roxanne Harris. It's an in-your-face approach to empowerment and self-confidence. Find the entire list at www.thebestbookclub.info.

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 Saved By God3 
 I  had to love it because it spoke my language. Whether you are fat or not every body just wants to be happy. So read and enjoy a laugh or two! ..


This  is such a cool book. Fun to read with a message that is not too intrusive. You will enjoy reading it and want to pass it on to others. Get This Book. Price is right .