Close Encounters of the Old West

ABOUT Logan Hawkes

Logan Hawkes
Logan Hawkes is a Santa Fe-based writer of historical fiction and an audio book producer of historical docu-drama series. Well traveled across the Americas, he says he is inspired by ancient sites and has been a featured guest on numerous television programs, including the History Channel  More...


Long before the X-Files, nearly 70 years before the Roswell incident, President James Garfield, mortally wounded by an assassin's bullet, summoned young Jonah "Tenkiller" Montana, an educated Cherokee half breed, to his seaside retreat to launch an investigation into unexplained and troublesome mysteries plaguing the post Civil War nation. Mysterious "airships" were being sighted, tales of alien encounters were hampering the spread of civilization westward, and fantastic Native American tales about shape shifters and creatures of lore and legend were causing concern for government leaders who feared America's Indian tribes harbored dark secrets and knowledge of alien races that threatened the Republic.

Close Encounters of the Old West is an action adventure tale set in America's Old West that is based upon actual and documented reports of alien encounters of the 19th century. The book is a unique blend of science fiction, horror and the unexplained supported by historical reports of Old West encounters between cowboys and aliens and a study into how ancient Native Americans may have had knowledge that can shed light on and reveal the truth about extraterrestrial interaction in our historical past. Above all the story is a fun read combining the styles of a Louis L'Amour western with a Robert Heinlein Sci-Fi yarn that provides hours of thought-provoking entertainment.

Reports of strange lights in the skies and possible unidentified flyhing objects are rampant in modern times. But a large majority of these sightings can be explained as misidentifications, such as aircraft or weather balloons or satellites. But after a great deal of research, I was amazed to find a large number of published newspaper reports from the 1800s about the very same thing we are experiencing today, but those reports were more credible considering there were no aircraft in those days to confuse the viewer. After serving as a guest on a History Channel program about the subject, my research became an obsession, and this book is a spin off of that research. Much of the research led me to uncover a great deal of information about Native American myth and legends as well, and I discovered the two may well be related. This inspired me to develop a fun action novel that highlights both the documented sightings and explores the legends and lores of the First Americans.

A respecetd Barnes and Noble book buyer called the novel a "perfect summer companion" and timely considering the release of Steven Spielberg's action blockbuster release of "Cowboys and Aliens" this July (2011).