Hospital Survival Guide: Questions And Answers

Hospital Survival Guide: Questions And Answers

ABOUT Lisa Gates

Lisa Gates
I received my Diploma in Nursing in 1985 and my Bachelors degree in Nursing in 1986 from Deaconess College of Nursing in St. Louis. MO. I received my Masters of Science in Nursing with a specialty in Education from Saint Louis University in 1991. I spent most of my 24-year career in unive More...



General knowledge of what to expect while in the hospital and to protect you from infections, complications, and death.

Q. WHY DID I WRITE THIS MANUAL?? A. Because I love taking care of patients. I am presently retired from hospital nursing. I do, however, care for the homeless in Key West, Florida and I love it. I wrote this manual for them. I want them to be informed as much as possible when they are sick or in the hospital.