The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison's Las Vegas

Travel, Entertainment & Style

By Holly Madison

Publisher : Stephens Press, LLC

The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison's Las Vegas

ABOUT Holly Madison

Holly Madison
Holly Madison, with her classy and iconic look, has a worldwide fan base, and a head for business, has transformed herself into a mainstream celebrity and "it" girl. Her work on THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR catapulted her to TV stardom. Her sense of humor, hard work, and common sense won  More...



Holly Madison takes readers on a tour through the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas! The Peepshow star, has access to high-roller areas, closed to all but a privileged few. She takes a tour through some of the most exclusive spots in Vegas.

Holly shares:

     • wacky roadside attractions from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

• the peripatetic history of Las Vegas

• the evolution of the Vegas showgirl

• the restaurants and clubs

• the activities and attractions, from snowboarding and off-road exploring to roller coasters and pool parties, that make the Las Vegas so much fun

• and tips on looking fabulous in the desert

• also, behind-the-scenes looks at Peepshow and her TV reality show, Holly’s World

Through it all, Holly maintains her cheerful, optimistic spirit and makes it obvious why she fell crazy in love with her adopted hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Madison's book is a fun read, in her voice, plus it's crammed with cool tips for tourists from someone who has seen more of Las Vegas in a few short years than many of us who prowl the neon streets".
-- Norm Clarke, Las Vegas Review-Journal