ABOUT D.H. Nevins

D.H. Nevins
A first-time author, D.H. Nevins recently completed a work of post-apocalyptic fiction titled, Wormwood.  She lives with her husband and two cats, enjoys riding her motorcycle, and eats far too much chocolate.


This post-apocalyptic tale, set across earth’s freshly devastated landscape, follows the intertwined paths of a half-angel, tormented by the necessity of completing tasks he has no choice but to follow, and the book’s heroine, Kali, who will do almost anything to survive.
Kali is a tough, resourceful protagonist, and Tiamat a half-angel tortured by his orders from on high. The sexual tension between the two is palpable.  If you enjoy post-apocalyptic tales with a healthy dose of paranormal romance, Wormwood will not disappoint. ~ Nancy Brauer, author of Strange Little Band

Love this storyline.  Fast-paced and full of intrigue!  An angel with a heavy heart because of the tasks he has been sent to carry out – a very good hook! ~ Serena Aubrey, Serene Promotions

Seriously glued to my computer until the last word ... was blown away by how intelligent and beautifully descriptive (her) writing is! ~ Anthony Concannon, Dreaming in Waves