ABOUT Abigail Boyd

Abigail Boyd
I'm is a full-fledged dork who loves Mystery Science Theater, eighties fashion, collecting weird jewelry, and oh yeah, writing young adult novels. She spend most of her time either writing or thinking about writing, whether it be on scraps of paper or her ornery computer.I write about ghos More...



One summer night in the town of Hell, Ariel Donovan's best friend goes missing. Everyone else believes Jenna ran away, but Ariel thinks something more sinister may have happened. She dreams of Jenna running to the abandoned orphanage in town. What does the orphanage have to do with her disappearance? When strange sights and sounds start plaguing Ariel, she determined to find out why. 

With the help of two newcomers to town, she tries to untangle the secrets that Hell is hiding. Quirky artist Theo, with a penchant for spying, and handsome, funny Henry Rhodes, who doesn't believe in ghosts, join her in her hunt to uncover the truth. But she won't like what she finds.