Love's Fire Burns Deep


By Yvette Monae

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Yvette Monae

Yvette Monae
Yvette Monae was born in Georgia and grew up in a community known as Kirkwood.  Today the Georgia native still resides in Atlanta with family. Love's Fire Burns Deep was published by PublishAmerica for release in the United States and the United Kingdom in February 2011.  It is now avai More...


Jade Ray had a successful career with one of Atlanta's biggest banks, and three best friends that she loved dearly.  However, her love life felt empty, her relationship lacked romance: something she craved.  Yet, after so long and to no avail, she let romantic notions gently fade away.




Then one day she laid eyes on Sy Roberts, this perfect stranger took her whole being hostage.  His image became buried deep within the turbulent waters of her subconscious mind.  Her mental affair with him became a burning desire that lit a fire.  It burned so deep, she wanted only him. 




When, suddenly, an unexpected moment brought the two together.  It sent her on an erotic carousel of passion, lust, and electrifying sex.  She was forced to confront her feelings for the man she thought she loved, against an uncertain future with a man she hardly knew.