A Decent Deceit

General Fiction

By Nicholas King

Publisher : Silverwood Books

ABOUT Nicholas King

Nicholas King
Nicholas King has spent much of his life working abroad, notably in Russia, North America, the Far East and Eastern Europe. He now devotes himself to writing and had a mini-saga published in the Arvon Collection for 2001.



There seemed only two choices: wide plains to the horizon or
dense forests up to the rails. Such dullness doped the brain,
exposing the unwary traveller to one of those surprises this
mysterious country liked to spring...
For the first time since arriving in this unpredictable land,
he started to feel anxious for his safety.

Working in post-communist Russia, Peter Standridge is
confused yet beguiled by the contradictions he finds in both
the country and its people. His conduct also appears curious,
particularly when viewed through the eyes of Yuri Poliakov,
a junior official in the Russian Interior Ministry anxious for
his own advancement. As the Russian winter closes in,
neither can anticipate the extraordinary impact they
will have on one another.