Follow the Money

Mystery & Thrillers

By Fingers Murphy

Publisher : Fingers Murphy

Follow the Money

ABOUT Fingers Murphy

Fingers Murphy
I am an international criminal defense attorney.


Oliver Olson went to law school to help people.


But when one of the world’s most prominent law firms offers him a high paying summer job, he thinks he’d be crazy not to take it. He soon finds himself enthralled by a world of wealth, privilege, and power. 


Blinded by his gilded new world, Ollie is slow to see that something is not right with the case he is assigned to work on.  Are people following him?  Listening to his conversations?  Why are people coming out of the woodwork with a sudden interest in a twelve year old murder case?  And is it really possible that the wrong man went to prison?


When Ollie sacrifices his own moral standards for a shot at the big time, he winds up staring down the barrel of a gun.


When you’ve sold out and can no longer follow your heart, you can only FOLLOW THE MONEY.