An Incidental Priest

Religion & Spirituality

By Rutherford Cardinal Johnson

Publisher : Saint George Seminary Press

ABOUT Rutherford Cardinal Johnson

Rutherford Cardinal Johnson
Rutherford Cardinal Johnson is the Patriarch of the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church and also holds a PhD in agricultural economics. He speaks and writes extensively on economics and ethics and other key social issues facing the world today. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the pia More...



An Incidental Priest, is about being one of many people, but still making a difference and still making your life count. The book talks about the concept of a priest, one of so many in the Church over the past two thousand years, who is always there for those who need him. This is the incidental priest, an archetype for humble Christian service towards others, guiding the faithful on their spiritual journeys. Though this incidental priest may be one of many, he still serves a vital role in the world. Drawing from the pastoral writings, sermons, and personal experiences of the author, some of the most essential and difficult issues of modern society are discussed, always cycling back to the incidental priest's example of selfless service and love towards others. An Incidental Priest strives for the idea of what it means to live as a true Christian in modern society.

Everyone can serve an important purpose in life! Everyone can make their life count! People sometimes ask just what is meant by the term “incidental priest.” First, he is an example of a person who seeks true humility before God and seeks to serve others. It is finding and achieving true humility before God that we must all seek. We all ought to take care of each other, just like the book’s central character, the incidental priest. But this is only part of the meaning of that character. The incidental priest is incidental. There have been many, many priests from the time of the Apostles to the present day. He is one of many. Similarly, each of us is one of many Christians that have been born since Christ came to the world as a Man. Sometimes we can feel insignificant. Now and then we can feel incidental, especially in terms of God’s greater plan. We can even feel incidental in terms of human plans and organizations. Sometimes it is difficult to think that what we are doing can truly make a difference. Though the incidental priest is one of many, what he does is nonetheless instrumental in achieving God’s plan and the work of the Church, even if he does not understand how or why. Similarly, each of us plays an important role in life. Even though we may think we are insignificant or small, if we put God first in all that we do, seeking always to do God’s will, then we can truly become instrumental. No matter how small our acts of kindness, service, or charity that we do seem to be, they all still contribute to making the world a better place.

An Incidental Priest shows that if we work together we can create synergy
where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, thus establishing
harmony in which we are more peaceful and happy...and no one is incidental.
- Dan Coberly, Former Senior Correspondent and Chief of Pacific Bureaus,
Stars & Stripes Daily Newspaper, Tokyo

Cardinal Johnson's insights and efforts to make this book useful to clergy
and laity alike are beyond description. His fruitful mind has given us
a true winner.
- Monsignor Harris Rowzie, O.P.