Fabulous Faces: From Motivation to Transformation through Facial Plastic Surgery

Health, Mind & Body

By Cadence Group

Publisher : Oslerwood Enterprises

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Transformation through plastic surgery is a journey that begins long before the operating room - this is the guidebook to that path. 

Fabulous Faces has been embraced by those in the plastic surgery industry and cosmetic surgery patients alike.

“…a refreshingly candid approach to modern beauty…”
— Christie Nicholson
Contributing Editor, Scientific American
Host, 60-Second Psych

“Just about everyone has an opinion about Angelina Jolie’s lips and Nicole Kidman’s taut browline, but Fabulous Faces addresses the pursuit of beauty within a different demographic: plastic surgery for regular people. Whether you’ve always hated your nose or noticed a distressing sag in your eyelids, Fabulous Faces offers a user-friendly primer on cosmetic facial surgery by mixing cold medical facts with poetry, history, and compelling first-person accounts. An entertaining story-teller as well as a veteran surgeon, Dr. Peter Adamson shares 30 true before-and-after stories that make the drama of plastic surgery come to life — plenty of readers who never thought they were the plastic surgery type will fall under the spell of this book’s regular-people characters and no-nonsense approach to looking good and feeling good about how you look.”
— Katie Charles
“The Daily-Checkup”, New York Daily News

Fabulous Faces fills a void in patient education for those considering facial plastic surgery. By combining accurate medical information with real-life patient experiences, Dr. Adamson gives readers the knowledge to make informed decisions about potential surgical procedures.”
— Ira D. Papel, M.D., F.A.C.S.
President, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Fabulous Faces is a sensitive and intriguing description of what to expect before, during, and following cosmetic surgery. Anyone contemplating a procedure will be both reassured and encouraged.
— Marlene Leeper
Cosmetic surgery patient