General Fiction

By Harriet Grace

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Harriet Grace

Harriet Grace
Harriet Grace grew up in Inkpen, Berkshire. She has grown-up children and stepchildren and now lives in London.  She has an MA (Distinction) in Creative Writing and has had poems published. Cells is her first novel.


Peak time on the Features Floor of a national newspaper and the computers crash. Martha Morgan, Features Editor, has a migraine and is losing control of her job. Head pounding she sits down, looks up and there is Jon, one of the messengers; and for a few seconds he seems like a saviour.

Martha is married to Grant, a successful analyst. They have a beautiful home but no baby, in spite of IVF. Jon, brought up by dysfunctional parents, can’t stick to a job or find a girlfriend. When Martha decides to take him under her wing and invites him into their home, the lives of all three of them break open, bringing the past and present into an explosive future.
A compelling, three-cornered story about a very modern predicament – how fertility problems can war against desire or kindle it in devastating ways. Grant, Martha and Jon each give us different London and a diverse perspective on the plot. With an ending that intrigues while remaining warmly humane, Cells is a book which lives in the mind long after the final page.
Jenny Newman, author of Going In and Life Class.