Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon (Orgarlan Saga: Book 1)

ABOUT Linda Nelson

Linda Nelson
Linda Nelson published her first YA romance in 2013. She is a self-published author who began her writing career in 2010 as just a Fantasy & YA Writer. Now it is all about the romance, a huge career change that took place in the past couple of years when she discovered RWA. Fantasy is  More...


Elven Sorcerer, Lord Ky'debaul has found his magic powers waning. He devises a plan to restore them by killing a silver dragon. This dragon is not just a silver dragon, it is a time dragon. But in order for him to do this, he must send the dragon to another world where there are no laws written against killing a Time Dragon. Here on Orgarlan, it is a Death Sentence.

The Orc's Leader, General Mashanga, catches wind of Lord Ky'debauls plan and sends a party of three Orcs to follow Lord Ky'debaul and the dragon to this other world. Once there, the Orcs begin to track down the whereabouts of the elves and the Time Dragon.

The world the elves have chased the dragon to is Aaron Gillian's world. Here she resides with her friends, a dog named Keja, a cat named Chancy, Marshall who is the boy next door and an old man named Jurgith.

Keja and Chancy have heard talk about the woods of strange creatures being about. Little did they know they were in for their great adventure.
Lord Ky'debaul captures Aaron, Marshall and Jurgith when he learns of Aaron's ability to talk to the woodland creatures. He believes she is the human spoken of in the prophecy and that she will be able to help him capture the Time Dragon.
The Orcs too have learned of Aaron's abliity. They decide to seek her out too, hoping that she will help them save the Time Dragon. They then discover she has been captured by Lord Ky'debaul and must rescue her and her friends.
Who will succeed? Will Lord Ky'debaul succeed in killing the Time Dragon or will the Orcs manage to twart his plan?

I started writing this book in 2008. It first appeared in sample chapters posted on my MySpace blog. The story was fun to write and it has a nice twist to it. Why is that you ask? Well in most fantasy books, the Orcs are the bad guys and the elves are the good guys. In Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon, I reversed the roles and made the humans the minorities.